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One of the main perks of tiny living is freedom. That applies to lifestyle choices, but definitely involves location. Where do you go in your dreams?

Our ambition

Designed to last a lifetime

Since we are born in the 21st century, it would be weird not to talk about our circular ambitions, our reduced carbon footprint, zero waste management and local production facilities. We aim for all of that and more. It’s a continuous process that we will keep improving, in every aspect of the way to neutral. If you want to know exactly where we stand right now, please do contact us. And, say that you like our drive, but wonder who it’s suitable for? Well, we believe our designs serve many different user profiles…
For who?

Just a few suggestions to use a Câpsula home


Hello holiday

What if you had that special place in nature that you could always escape to? A personal refuge with an infinite amount of adventures in stock? 

Care home

A relative, a friend, someone in need you like to find a roof for…  As tiny as they are, we believe living in a Câpsula design brings instant joy to the inhabitant and the caretaker. 


For those who are ready to go less all the way. Do we even need words here?



A quick and flexible solution to grow recreational businesses. Campsite? Glampsite! 

Temporary housing

Last but not least. The housing shortage, unfortunately, is a growing concern. Warning, you may not ever want to leave again.

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How it works

We believe feeling good is closely linked to feeling free. Free to choose where you want to spend your off time. Are you dreaming of inhabiting former farmland? Thinking of a house in the woods? Looking into living part of the year on a recreational plot with shared communal facilities? We can help you in every step of the process towards finding your dream location.  

what’s next

Relevant remarks far and beyond your perfectly designed tiny home

Land search

Do you need help finding your ultimate plot of land? We have you covered.


Maybe you know where to go, but you’re stuck with the paperwork part. With decades of expertise on the small print front, we can help you overcome this potential obstacle.


You love what you see, you have the land, you have all the permits, but how on earth do you get your tiny home to your location? Contact us, and we get your home moving.

Delivery time

Always a hot potato: when do I receive my order? We’re talking houses here, which makes it a bit more complex than the usual delivery services out there, but once scheduled for production, it’s really a matter of weeks. 


You’ve come so far! Did you really think we’d let you down here?


To the most commonly asked questions

  • What’s so special about living in one of your tiny houses?

    The whole idea of having less options is to touch base. Back to the basics, back to ourselves, back to nature. That also means designing only the essential, and doing so in a superb way. We feel that part of what makes our tiny homes extra special depends on what you need. We have three distinctive designs, each catering to different users. Every tiny home design bears unique features. You can read more here about the specifications of de different designs. What they have in common is an exceptional design language, high-end detailing and an optimal use of space.
  • Can I choose a different material or finish?

    Our tiny homes are completely designed to be low in carbon footprint and high in joy and user-friendliness. Having said that, you can send us a message with your desires and we will look into it. In the end, it’s your dream home we are building. 
  • What’s the delivery time?

    Speed is our middle name. Once your order is scheduled for production, we will need less a few weeks to install your Writer’s Block Hut and around three months to plant Soft Lodge
  • Help, I don’t know where to start.

    Don’t stress! When it comes to licensing and paperwork, legislation and land search, we can built on over a decade of in-house expertise.  Once you know what you are looking for and meets your budget, we can assist you at any step on the way to the den of your dreams. Already having questions? Contact us.
Tiny Holiday Home House

If you have any questions, please let us know.