Writer's Block Hut
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Writer's Block Hut

What’s the minimum amount of space we need to thrive? The all-black Writer’s Block Hut is a tiny timber-clad object with a slim canopy roof designed to, basically, set you free. Lightweight and easy to install, all you need to do is host it. Oh, you can sleep in it too.

i29 architects
10 sqm 
Starting price ex VAT
Writer's Block Hut
Featuring ample windows and a minimalistic, meticulously designed interior, Writer’s Block Hut is a small-scale structure with a Swiss-Army-Knife functionality that promises to ignite your creativity and support your well-being. Looks go a long way, hence the rhythmic pattern of the facade created by sustainably sourced, brushed pine wood slats.
The all-black interior design evokes an intensified view of the outside. Lightweight and easy to install on-site, this humble design shows how a modest dwelling can become an encouraging retreat if provided with the right design conditions.
Writer's Block Hut
Writer's Block Hut
Writer's Block Hut
Writer's Block Hut 0
Floor plan
Writer's Block Hut 1
  • Features

    One magical space with a bed in the bay. Have you ever wondered how sitting in a hut could activate and enhance your mental powers? This perfectly designed hut has all the answers you are looking for.
  • Specifications

    Size 10 sqm.
    Easy installment
    From € 24,500 ex VAT
  • Design

    i29 architects, Amsterdam

    i29 architects, AmsterdamFelix Meritis, Amsterdam
    i29 is an award winning architecture and interior design studio known for its highly detailed approach and signature use of minimal gestures with maximum effect. Their work stands out for it’s simplicity and creativity.
Writer's Block Hut
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