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Soft Lodge

Compact yet spacious, Soft Lodge connects the interior with the great outdoors from any point of view. The flexible design with two optional extra bedrooms expands on the urge to reconnect with nature, ourselves, and others. Designed for making a hundred thousand memories, at least. 

i29 architects
25 sqm 
20 sqm
Starting price ex VAT
Soft Lodge
The mirrored design of Soft Lodge features a canopy with curved terraces on both sides. The striking facade is elegantly clad in black wood with a clearly visible grain structure. When it comes to energy efficiency and the latest requirements in regard to sustainability, Soft Lodge ticks all the necessary boxes. With one living and dining area, one bathroom, and the possibility of extending the number of bedrooms from one to three, this contemporary piece of tiny architecture is a hybrid solution for living well, indoors and outdoors.
All eyes are on the zip-on curtains on both sides, morphing each terrace into an additional indoor/outdoor bedroom as the need arises. This, plus a conscious attitude towards materials, choosing local production, and innovative design solutions, make this designer home a future-proof take on luxurious tiny living. 
Soft Lodge
Soft Lodge
Soft Lodge
Soft Lodge
Soft Lodge
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  • Features

    One living & dining area, one bathroom, one standard bedroom. With its protective canopy with terraces for two optional extra (bed)rooms, Soft Lodge is a hybrid solution for living well indoors and outdoors. A high-end tiny home for anyone longing to spend more time in nature whilst not cutting back on luxury.
  • Specifications

    25 sqm (or 50 sqm with both curtains put in place)
    Starting price €98,000 ex VAT
  • Design

    i29 architects, Amsterdam

    i29 architects, AmsterdamFelix Meritis, Amsterdam
    i29 is an award winning architecture and interior design studio known for its highly detailed approach and signature use of minimal gestures with maximum effect. Their work stands out for it’s simplicity and creativity.
Soft Lodge
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