Tiny Holiday Home
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Tiny Holiday Home

A fully-fledged tiny home that can easily host a family of four, with a footprint of barely 70 sqm. The space-efficient Tiny Holiday Home is our largest tiny structure, and clearly lives up to our promise of living large with less. The smart arrangement of volumes ensures vistas of the surrounding nature from any part of the house.

i29 architects
70 sqm  
16 sqm
Starting price ex VAT
Tiny Holiday Home
Tiny Holiday Home includes a living room, a kitchen/dining area, a patio, no less than three bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet. The layout is developed from the inside out; a smart arrangement of functions makes optimal use of every square centimetre. Each volume contains its own program and has a distinctive feel in size and ceiling height.
All volumes feature either big-sized windows or sliding doors along the patio that literally open up the home to the outside. High-end finishing includes sustainable waxed wood pine slats (facade) and custom joinery (interior). The value of good design becomes tangible when a succession of highly detailed, space-efficient solutions elevate the complete living experience on a daily basis. 
Tiny Holiday Home
Tiny Holiday Home
Tiny Holiday Home
Tiny Holiday Home
Tiny Holiday Home
Tiny Holiday Home 0
Ground floor
Tiny Holiday Home 1
First floor
Tiny Holiday Home 2
Tiny Holiday Home 7
  • Features

    Our largest tiny house to date is an eye-catching block of functional volumes with a 360-degree orientation, ensuring every space is special to spend time in all day long. An excellent habitat for couples and families, Tiny Holiday Home features one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom with toilet, and three bedrooms. 
  • Specifications

    Size 70 sqm.
    From € 240,000 ex VAT.
  • Design

    i29 architects, Amsterdam

    i29 architects, AmsterdamFelix Meritis, Amsterdam
    i29 is an award winning architecture and interior design studio known for its highly detailed approach and signature use of minimal gestures with maximum effect. Their work stands out for it’s simplicity and creativity.
Tiny Holiday Home
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